Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

 Oh how I love my little family. Sophie is 2 now, and incredibly independent. She refuses to hold my hand when we are walking to the car. She wants to be a big girl all of the time. She won't sit in a high chair or lay in a crib. She is the cutest, cuddly little baby ever. She has huge brown eyes, and perfect little plump lips. She still doesn't speak that much but she is definitely improving. She knows how to get what she wants though, she pulls us around and points and whines for things. She says Max (Botsy), Gracie (C C), she calls the tub (butty). She is super adorable. She loves to give hugs and kisses, but she also loves hitting,  pinching and biting just so she can give people hugs and kisses to say sorry. She is a stinker and she gets a look in her eyes when she is about to be naughty. She grabs things from her sister or brother and runs away quickly. She loves to dress up with her sister and playing cars with her brother.

Sophie LOVES to sing and dance. Anytime I'm singing or Max is singing you can hear her sweet little voice in the background. She does some awesome dance moves. And her signature move is downward dog with one leg pointing to the ceiling. Gracie favors the same dance move! They are such sweet sisters and usually play very nicely.

Sophie loves nursery and walks in without complaint. She is a cute little bundle of joy!
 Gracie is our little drama queen. She knows how to throw a fit like no one else! She is very particular about her outfits and her hair styles. She is very concerned about how she looks, and I'm scared! She loves to wear sundresses even if it's cold as ice outside. She says tights are itchy and hates wearing them. It's a struggle every day picking outfits and hairstyles.

On the other hand, Gracie can be the sweetest little angel on the earth. She loves to snuggle her mommy and loves calling me her precious rose. She adores her daddy and loves to snuggle him.

Gracie loves preschool! She is incredibly smart and knows how to count to 30. She is starting to love writing. She knows all of the alphabet and their sounds.

Her best friend is Kylie Terry and they love riding to preschool together. She also loves all of her stuffed animals and names them fluffy puppy, Tess, Rosie Bell, Pinky, Vanilla, and Cini. She loves to style the animals with her hair bows and little pieces of fabric.

She usually insists that I call her Cini Sparkles, because Gracie doesn't sound as cute as Cini Sparkles does. She hopes to marry Max someday and she asks me everyday if she's old enough to get a boyfriend. I think we're in trouble!!

Gracie loves swimming lessons and is very brave. Her hair is still very curly and her big brown eyes are so adorable! We love our sassy, emotional little Gracie!
 Max is my little sweetheart. He is the most tender hearted little boy and is always asking me if we can snuggle. He is very thoughtful and incredibly bright. He is in the spanish immersion program at school and it's a little difficult for him, but I know he'll catch up soon. He consistently scores the highest in his class in reading comprehension. He reads the scriptures like a champ! I can't believe how well he can read the words and understand what he's reading.

Max loves bearing his testimony every fast testimony meeting. It's always so sweet and heartfelt. I know he has a testimony. He knows Heavenly Father loves him and he is SO excited to be baptized next year. What a good boy he is.

Max has a hard time concentrating sometimes, and we are working harder on focusing in class. He constantly gets 100 percent on his spelling tests and last year he won the spelling bee for his grade. He also won the Reflections contest last year for dance choreography on the local, region and state levels.

We are so lucky to have these three sweet little angels.

We are working on building a house right now so we'll have more room for the kids to run. WE are so excited for them to get started!! Mike is doing so well at work and is loving his job. I am super busy this year with Young Women's, secretary of the PTA, teaching dance, musical theater and cheerleading. I am babysitting Beth's kids and a baby names Gage, and I just finished up the reflections contest for Max's school this year and I do the newsletter each month for the school too. Lou Lou Girls has been keeping me busy too. We have been getting more hits each month. It's been crazy!! I'm looking forward to moving and laying low in our new ward for a while. Next year I plan on cutting back a lot on all the things I'm involved in so I can just enjoy the family. Especially since Mike is gone so much for work at night. We trade the kids back a forth quite a bit, but we always find time to do fun things on the weekends. We have a great little family! I love them all so much!

Monday, August 5, 2013


I don't want to lose these pictures, so they have to be posted!!
 Making cupcakes for Grandma and Grandpa Kjar's 80th birthday party.

 They had an ice cream machine and the kids loved it!

I don't remember why Max is making this face, but we all know he is dramatic!
 All of Grandma and Grandpa's great grandkids were there.

Max loves to give Grandma snuggles. He is such a sweetie. When Grandma opened her present from her daughters, she tried to give some of her money to Max. He kept saying "No, you should keep it! It's your money." I was so proud of him for being so mature and smart and sweet!
 Sophie loves to lick things off the ground! We have had a lot of rain this summer, the kids have been in heaven.

 We've spent a lot of time up north. The kids love their uncle Zac!

Max put on his own parade after the 4th of July. He loved pretending he was in his own parade with his sisters.

 My kids are so dang cute. I can't handle it sometimes!

Gracie's 4th Birthday! A horse and rainbow spectacular!

Gracie loved her birthday! She had to have a rainbow horse party! She also told us that when she turned 4, her favorite color would be yellow AND pink, not just yellow anymore! She is getting so big and she starts preschool this year at Kim's ABC adventures. We are excited!